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AU: +49 751 50070

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+61 3 9028 5087

Some of our equipment runs in high productive plants such as car factories. On request, we can install a hotline for you - with the possibilty of reaching us 24 hours on 7 days a week. You just pay a yearly fee and we are always there for you!


In case of a failure you will have us on the phone in no time and we will investigate the equipment and its data according to your complaint as fast as we can. So prior to sending someone out to your plant, maybe we have already a solution in our heads. Either the problem can be solved on the telephone or one of our technicians has to come by. We will do everything we can just to have your equipment up and running again.

In order to offer you the fastest assistance possible, please prepare all of the necessary information concerning your machine or plant.


Please have the following information ready before calling the 24/7-Hotline:

  • Company name and address
  • Your name and phone number
  • Problem description
  • Machine type
  • Machine or control system number


Not a TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK Service contract customer yet?

Ask your TOX®-Representative for your individual conditions.


Service: +61 3 9028 5087
Phone: +49 751 50070
Fax: +49 751 52391
AU: +49 751 50070 Contact form
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