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Based on the competence for system solutions, the know-how for pressure joining/clinching, press in, punching and forming processes as well as a press construction kit and drives, the technology company TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK GmbH & Co. KG, D-88250 Weingarten realizes efficient and economical production and assembly equipment.

Parallel to this, TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK provides customers from engineering workshops, tool making and fixture construction as well as manufacturers of special machines and systems with a standard range of presses and equipment accessories, which form the basis for the setup of adapted production and assembly equipment. To enable these customers to select and purchase suitable machines, TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK now provides an online configurator on its homepage.

With this, potential buyers/customers can build their "own" press system in only four steps! The ecoLine configurator shows standard C frame presses, mounted on a standard base frame, and a choice can now be made between four press force categories, pneumohydraulic or electromechanical drives, as well as two power stroke variants based on the pre-determined press force.

The following performance ranges are standardised: Total stroke max. 200 mm, throat depth of the C frame press with 200 mm and press opening with 400 mm. The standard equipment also includes a 2-hand safety control and the interested party has a choice (optional) between different pressing/process monitoring systems. When the press system is configured and the price is determined, a quote is requested via the system. The prices in the online-configured design are guaranteed (!), and as long as there are no questions or other pending clarifications, the customer receives the desired complete press system within eight weeks (Europe-wide).

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